The Leading Experts in Custom Embroidery in Yakima, WA

Providing fancywork services for business and personal use

If you're looking for a durable design option that's guaranteed to pop, custom embroidery is the service for you. Screening Mimies LLC believes in the lasting power of embroidery. Embellish your favorite clothing items or accessories with the design of your choice.

Get your custom embroidery from our shop in Yakima, WA. Call now to discuss your unique ideas. If you were missed by the design gene, have no fear. Choose from a wide variety of our pre-set design options to kickstart your service.

Why should you choose our embroidery services?

Custom embroidery is beneficial to business owners in Yakima, WA. Here's why:

  • Your design will last longer
  • It looks more professional
  • You'll never have to worry about fading
Getting embroidery services is a wise investment for any business owner seeking to expand their reach through creative marketing.

Do you need embroidery services in Yakima, WA? Call now to speak with a member of our team.